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My journey with Isagenix began in July 2011 with a prayer and a vision. I prayed Isagenix was the miracle I had sought after for so long. I had a vision of how I would look and feel once I got my life back. I knew my food addictions and lack of willpower were going to be true challenges to overcome. But, DANG IT! I had suffered long enough! I wanted my life back! So, with determination and my vision, I started taking baby steps in my routine. I signed up for the Isabody Challenge. It ended in an epic “Jenny-style” failure…I gave up! However, I continued taking baby steps, but I wasn’t getting the results I desired. Boy was I bummed. Then, I attended an event on toxicity. WOW! What an eye-opener! Holly DeMott came to Bentonville, AR and shared her Isagenix story. I realized that as long as I ingest food products such as Betty Crocker, Kelloggs, etc. that I would be a hamster running on the wheel forever. So, I set the standard…fresh, organic foods and exercise… No excuses…And No giving up! This “fresh cooking” was going to be tough. After all, I’ve never been a good cook. I scoured the back office for recipes I had heard of, and I found plenty! This lifestyle was becoming easier and better each day. I gave myself a stern talking to and signed up for the Isabody Challenge. However, I knew this time would be different. I was determined and focused! I signed up to run a 5K with my Isabuddy (Loree) even though; I couldn’t run 40 yards let alone 3.1 miles! Our goal was to start and finish no matter how long it took. We did it! (With a little help from C25K app) I felt empowered as I crossed the finish line! Yes! ALL things ARE possible!
During this challenge, I realized the person, mom, and inspiration to others that I was meant to be. And, that Isagenix was the key that unlocked the vault where my passion for life was hiding. I released 28.4 lbs. Started at 164.8 and ended at 136.4. I am 5’5” and my BMI went from 27.42-22.7. My percent body fat went from 35% to 26%. I feel better in my 40s than I ever did in my 20s! I may not have released the most pounds or in the shortest amount of time, but my prayer was answered! My vision came true; I look and feel amazing! Now, I always start my day with a BANG not a DANG! I’m looking forward to my maintenance photos next month. Instead of maintaining who I am, I will be DEFINING who I AM! BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE! I AM ISAGENIX FOR LIFE!!

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Mike’s on TV!

Watch Mike Townsend’s story about how he has lost 167 pounds in 184 days. Show Theme: Is being morbidly overweight hopeless?

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Peter Greenlaw’s Seminar

In the YouTube video, Peter introduces Mike Townsend, known as Denver Mike to most of you, and Jill Birth to share their story. Mike’s story begins 1:10:10 until 1:12:54. 


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Teresa’s Amazing Transformation

Teresa has been extremely heavy all of her life.  Becoming complacent with her weight, Teresa never expected to turn her life around and shed the pounds she had been carrying.  This makes her story that much more miraculous.  She could not believe that by ridding the body of toxins and getting proper nutrition, alone, could do just what she had always dreamed.  Isagenix was the answer.  After trying multiple weight loss programs, Teresa stepped up to the plate once more, and on February 1, 2012, took a swing of faith, and started the nutritional cleansing system.

It may have taken a leap of faith to start the program, but she had no argument continuing after experiencing the most miraculous results.  Before Teresa knew it, she had lost a total of 138 pounds and 115.5 inches. If you tally her inches, it is more than 9 feet, which means she has lost over three yard sticks from her body frame.  When she started on the program her BMI was 53.08, and now it is 31.62.  Now, Teresa’s dreams have come true and she is the girl she almost gave up on.  This amazing system along with Teresa’s openness and motivation to keep on that revolutionary road paid off in the end.

Even after being diagnosed with MS years ago, Teresa feels more amazing then she has in her entire life.   It ceases to amaze her how much she can accomplish on a daily basis.  She now gets a kick out of shopping for clothes off the rack instead of having to order from catalogues for oversized items.  She now can simply live and enjoy all the luxuries one is often not afforded when being critically overweight.

When Teresa started this cleansing program, her goal was to lose half her body weight by June 1, 2013. With only 27 more pounds to go, she will have achieved this amazing accomplishment, and has totally changed her life.  This is no fairy tale ending, this is real life results.  Now Teresa can pinch herself to know that she is not dreaming and can relax and enjoy the miracles of everyday life that she had been missing.

Teresa 2-1-12

Teresa 4-5-13


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Mike S – 101lbs in 105days!

Before Isagenix, Mike suffered an unfortunate accident when he fell off a roof in a work related accident.  He crushed one of his feet and jammed his tailbone up into the vertebras in his back. He has had numerous surgeries since the accident to repair the damage done to his body.  Mike now does 4 hours of therapy in the mornings and afternoons Monday & Wednesday, and two hours on Fridays to help him walk and strengthen his back. He found he could ride a bicycle as exercise because it would have less of an impact on his feet, but he still suffers from the pain from the crushed tailbone.
Well before Mike started on his 30 day program, his doctor wanted him to lose at least 80 pounds of weight off his body frame for the sake of his feet, legs and back.  This was all fine and dandy, but knowing you have to lose weight is one thing, actually finding a means to lose it is another.  Until May 31st, he was unsuccessful in his pursuit because all he could do was lay around. He was eating about one third more than what he was before the accident. Mike was a highly productive worker before the fall and had to find that same enthusiasm to pull him out of his present rut.  He did not like the man he was becoming and was in desperate need of some healthy guidance.


Mike spoke on the phone with his close friend, Mike T., who had just lost 103 pounds in 102 days using the 30-day system. The first thing Mike S. noticed about his friend was he had a complete change in attitude about life and his breathing wasn’t labored anymore, so he asked him what he had done to change his life so radically.  Mike’s friend told him about Isagenix.  Mike was so impressed that he read all he could on the program before he agreed to start on the cleanse himself.


Mike S.  lost 101 pounds and 73.5 inches from his body frame in 105 days using the 30 Day system. He started May 31, 2012 and by September 17, 2012 he reached his goal.  Even Mike’s physical therapists could not believe he could be losing that much weight and building lean muscle mass. His energy levels increased tremendously and he had no loose skin whatsoever. Mike’s physical therapists expected him to become weak from losing so much weight, especially that fast! Did I mention he was also taking Cumadin during this time period?


As they say, the rest is history. Mike S. has become a walking billboard for this product because not only does he have a leaner physique, he looks younger and feels stronger than ever before. He is a product of the product.  His wife, Pat, continually thanks us for giving Mike his life back and hope for a brighter future. He is only 54 years of age.  Mike S. has his several family members on the cleansing system, including his wife, his mother and step-father, sisters and brother-in-laws.  He is now passing on the gift of a new life to so many others as Mike T. had passed down to him!  Mike S. hopes you find this story encouraging.





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Dave Jones Amazing Weightloss

Hi my name is Dave Jones mike sprig, and mike Townsend are my personal coaches. I started the program 4 hundred and sixty pounds. That was two mouths ago I am happy to say I today ring the scales up at 394 pounds . So in two short months I dropped a bag of concrete off of my body. That’s not the half of it I also lost 87 inches around my body I have more flexibility and I can now get on a stationary bicycle and ride 2 to 3 miles per day I know that probably doesn’t seem like a lot for most but for me its life saving and when I say life saving I mean this program and the two Mikes and my other coach marge they have all helped me out of a very dark place. I’m not going to say a lot about that dark place but trust me when I say you don’t want to find yourself in those shoes. I do want to tell you if you are like I was you have tried every scam diet and work out device out there only to find THEY DON’T WORK this program works with my hand to god it really works. You do have to follow the protocol as they lay them out,and if you do you will find yourself losing pounds and inches like crazy. Then a funny thing happens you finely realize that you found it, you found the way to become the person that is locked up in all that fat, the person that can go and do all the things everyone else is doing you don’t have to hide yourself from the world any more. I don;t know what a caterpillar go’s thru to become a beautiful butterfly, but I feel like I am about a quarter of the way out of my cocoon and I am about to start flapping my wings vary soon and I CANT WAIT TO FLY its going to be glorious…….. So in conclusion the product is out there its the top of the ninth bases are loaded two outs Dave Jones is at bat down two runs mike serves up a fast ball ????? Stay tuned to see what happens next. I will put up some pics in a few mo. when I reach my goal and you can see me hit it out of the park. DON’T GIVE UP TRY ONE MORE THING IT WILL WORK

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New Testimonial Page Launched!!

Hey Everyone,


I have launched a new testimonials page to showcase the success stories that I have had the opportunity to be a part of! I will post before and after photos and a brief summary of each person I helped to transform!


Best Regards,


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