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About Mike

Mike lost 167lbs in 6months by adopting the ISAGENIX Weightloss System, start your journey today click here to buy your ISAGENIX supplies >


Mike’s Journey…


If you were to ask me on Feb 16, 2012,  3 year ago, where I would be today, I would be as shocked as many, to stand before you a proud person weighting 170 pounds lighter and a life style healthier. Five years ago, I lay 400 plus pounds, on my death bed in the ICU unit of the Louisville, Colorado hospital suffering from pneumonia and Diabetic shock. After my recovery and release from the hospital I knew changes in my life had to happen but how and what I wasn’t sure. I tried several diets but lost interest and in fact I lost interest in weight loss period even tho over those two years I had dropped down to 366 pounds. I never took an active interest in losing weight until one day I heard an advertisement on the radio for Go Cleanse that supports the  Isagenix protocol  and I picked up the phone and called the 1800 number.  A incredible Lady, Marg was to be my coach and boy, to say I gave her an hard time would be an understatement, I was brutal.  I wanted to return the stuff before it even arrived but she talked me thrumy excruciating calls  and I finally caved and agreed I would give it a try. The first 4 days, I lost 16 pounds, that was awesome, and in11 days I dropped 25 pounds total. That was unattainable to me, I had been so sceptical. Pinch me quick before I wake up.That was all this fat man needed to see.  Those 25 pounds to me in just 11 days was like cocaine to a drug addict. I was convinced!  I  started to exercise right away slow and easy 15 minutes on a exercise bike at first and gradually moving on upward to the outside bike and around the block I went, more and more as each pound would drop. Today now 170 pounds lighter, there is no stopping ISA MIKE. I did this! Isagenix gave me the tools and I put it together and made it work. I needed to have something simple to follow, keeping me totally satisfied while cleansing my body than replenishing it with nutritional super food but also allowing me to prepare and chose my own menu plan.  Isagenix has the perfect product and regiment that I found works for me and I can safely say I will be an ISA MIKE forever.  Having my diet under control,  I needed to do the internal cleansing.  Only  I could change my though process, no diet plan stops you from getting up in the middle of the night to raid the fridge or eat the left overs while cleaning up. Those are things you have to do for yourself. That is why I strongly believe in the Power of Posting and Accountability. Be accountable to yourself. If you post it, your more likely to be true to yourself. There is a huge audience out there watching you on Facebook and social media supporting you and cheering you on, has answers and tips waiting for you to ask and you may have answers to share. I am  blessed to finally be in great health, and if I can accomplish helping one person at a time achieve overcoming their fear of losing weight, encourage them to lose weight, help them lose weight or lead them in the right direction than I will consider myself to have made my fortune, for in our losing we all become winners! PEACE…