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Over the years people have said so many things about an abundance of Weightloss programs...THIS is a lifestyle program. A decision to live the healthy choice...make the healthy decisions. I KNOW you will find the ISAGENIX program and its products to be a life changing experience for yourself and the people you care about. Even more so combined with EARLY and CONSISTENT results the individual client will begin to stand in their own corner once again ! This combination is an AMAZING formula for success.

At 367 lbs. Mike Townsend was BIG to people in ALOT of aspects. Unfortunately most anyone that knew Mike would tell you that Self Esteem wasn't one of them. With little or NO confidence to leave the house or even shop for himself, and people staring at his size he was quickly beginning to feel like EVERY room was closing in on him. At this stage most of his time was spent In the house where he lived ALONE. Mikes weight was not only becoming an issue, but it was OUT OF CONTROL. Friends would notice that Mike was struggling with depression and sitting home in the dark, and usually struggling to breathe normally. Actually with his SERIOUS level of demotivation, he was struggling to even walk. Mike had begun to resort to using tables and other furniture to stand up or maneuver his own home! With his weight holding such a tight grip on his life, Mike had reached a CRITICAL pivot point in his FUTURE...
And it was TIME to CHANGE directions...It was time for ISAGENIX.!

Mike started on the ISAGENIX program Februry 16, 2012 weighing 366.2lbs with a desire to reach a goal weight of 230lbs. At 50 years old and aware of the immense effort that BREAKING such an unhealthy cycle would take, Mike began his FIRST steps toward the man he WANTED to be...the man he WOULD BECOME...!

Before he knew it, he had reached his original goal of 230 pounds in less than 5 months. He realized how easy it was to get the weight off that he decided to keep losing. He set a new goal for himself weighing below 200 POUNDS!!!

On September 3, 2012, Mike reached his final goal of breaking the 200 pound mark on the scale. He weighed in at 199.2 pounds that fateful morning. He had now lost a total of 167 pounds in 184 days. It took him just a little over 6 months to achieve his dream of weighing less then 200 POUNDS!!!

Mike can't help sharing his incredible story to everyone he knows because he stilll can't believe how easy it was to do. Before he knew it, he had completely turned his life around to a vibrant individual full of energy and a desire to help othes achieve their goals too. Mike has become a product of the product

During this same time period, Mike worked up to riding his bike 25 to 35 miles a day. Very seldom did he miss a day of getting in his exercise by riding his bike. He has put over 3,000 miles on his bike from March to Janurary.

Because of the snow and cold weather in Colorado where Mike lives, he hasn't had a chance to ride it much this winter but come spring, he will be burning up the rubber on on the rode riding his bike again.

Mike is truly an inspiration to everyone around him and is always there to brighten your day. He has made an incredible transformation from what he was to the man he is today.

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